November 2, 2011 0

Princess Layin Around.

The theme in my office was to come dressed as a princess and instinctually I wanted to be one of the Disney variety.. until I realized that I don’t actually own a tiara or long white gloves and the 99 cent store was fresh out of those accessories.

I was whining to my roommate Kristen about not having a costume and she said “I’m sure you got something princess layin’ around” to which I misheard “Princess Leia.” Then we had about a 5-minute “You’re a genius”…”Noooo, you’re a genius!” exchange not knowing who originally came up with the idea.

After some speedy googling for inspiration, tearing my closet upside down and two messy buns later, here is my last minute dorky costume.. Desk staplers are the best guns.

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